Lost Generations

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Lost Generations

This is a print of a piece I started in December. I was going to add more to the original but it seems that less is more in this case.

finished and framed

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Here is a piece that I started some time back but never posted in its completed form. It has been on display since October of last year. I figured out that I don’t have a decent place to photograph here so it has reflections in it…. sorry. Anyway, here it is.

native children b&w

Gotta love ’em

•February 21, 2015 • 1 Comment


I love cats. Their expressions just crack me up.

A New Project

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IMG_0029This is a new project I started…. haven’t gotten far nor do I know what direction it will take. One of these years I might have the equipment to make photos of the drawings look more like the drawing! Come again to see what’s next! (Note: this is an updated picture of the drawing- taken with my iPad)

Still Foolin’ Around

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It has been a while since I did anything new and for some oddball reason, I wanted to mess with the watercolors again. The last thing I put on the sight was the result of that. This time, however, I was thinking less could be more but then……………….


In Watercolor

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Just foolin’ around……….

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One day while I was out and about, my normal activity, a friend had found a feather which was blue on one side and yellow on the other. It was pretty cool. So, I took a few pictures of it stuck in the wire of a latilla fence to take home and later contemplate whether it could be used for anything.

Eventually, I got out the watercolors and put this together, just foolin’ around.



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