Diamonds in the Sand

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Hello from Okie-homa! As you can tell, I ain’t croaked yet and workin’ hard at mastering that Okie language and accent.

I decided to bring out the ol’ paint brushes and take a stab at oil. I had seen a print of what appeared as a grassy beach scene and it was just so serene that I thought I needed to do something similar. It started out that way but then it went off in a tangent.

So, now it is in the stage where I just pick at it for awhile. There’s no telling where it may end up.




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Child with Crayons email

Finally completed.

Here is the finished product of this little project. I want to thank this child’s parents for the opportunity to have done this piece. I love it when I find such fascinating subjects! Hopefully, I will find the next one very soon and get it up for you.

Thank you to everyone who continues to visit here!



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I’ve been missing in action again? Si’ o no? Si’!   I started this little project some time back but have been, well, missing in action again. As per usual, lousy scan but it gives you an idea of what I’ve been doing.

I’ve also been working on the illustration of a book cover for an author and the illustrations of  another book, a children’s book. All has been on hold due to – well, being missing in action again. Perhaps I’ll get better at sticking around but then again……..


Off the Easel

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Autumn Gold


On the Easel?

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IMG_2062   IMG_2167

There’s actually something on the easel??? Yeah, I know- sorry. Anyway, I went on this fabulous train ride with friends and the Autumn colors were coming out. This, of course, lent itself to photographs. That started greasing the wheels and the paint brushes came out last night for a little while. (The mountain looked like someone had poured golden paint over it like topping on ice cream.)

Not sure where it will go from here but ………….

Update: Photo 2 shows progress………. hmmmm maybe………..

Still more progress. Sometimes I find it humorous at how these things unfold. Stay tune, see what happens next.

Rather be at the Beach

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This is what I got up to this morning. Well, that certainly corrals me for the day, no sense in testing the driving skills of other drivers. So, I stayed in and puttered around all day.

But this is where I’d rather be.


Watercolor… still

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As I puttered around the house this afternoon, I kept walking past this watercolor. It just seemed to need more, so I put a little more intense color to it as well as things further in the background. I was just going to add it to the original post but the program had other ideas.

Maybe I will just start a new one.

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