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This afternoon I decided to work more on this piece…… still don’t know what to call it. (If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know in a comment!)


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As you know, I am not an oil paint fan. But I still do it from time to time. Last year I told my son that I would do a painting for him similar to one he saw in a store.

So, I began with the task of finding a large enough canvas that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Check! Next, I painted the whole thing gray. After that dried I began the process of figuring out how to lay it out and give it some drama and meaning. I looked at a lot of photographs dealing with the theme of the highway leading off into the horizon.( If you get a chance, go check out Tau Zero , this guy is spectacular! )

So far, this is as far as I have gotten…… stay tuned for more!




WooHoo! Now we’re cookin’!

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At long last I have completed some projects that I have been working on for an extended period of time…..sometimes things just don’t wanna get done.

Here is a photograph of a piece I call Million Mile Reflections. My subject was a victim of Alzheimer’s. Such a tragedy. Anyway, I was inspired by the look in his eyes, both before and after the ravages of the disease. I’m always amazed by what a person can see in another person’s eyes.

Thank you all again for coming by. Please come again soon to see what else crops up on Quiet Eloquence!



Into The Light

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This morning I met one of my friends for coffee at a local coffee shop. We both noticed an art piece hanging near our table. Really nice colors. The more we looked and talked about it the more I felt like going home and getting out the brushes.

This piece started out completely different than the end result. Here is a photo of it. I’m calling it “Into The Light”.


things that inspire

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I came down sick with a bug the first part of the week….. been a couple three years since I had the pleasure. But something good came out of it. I had encouraged a friend to pick up the paint brush again after she had shown me something she had done some years back. Anyway, I’m here, confined to my house and I decided to get out my watercolors again. It has been awhile since I really had any desire to do anything in that medium. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by what emerged as I sat in front of the fire with them.


Winter….. must be a time of experimentation

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I’ve about determined that wintertime is the time for experiments. Maybe it is because a person gets cooped up when the weather is less than warm or maybe it’s…. oh, I don’t know.

Case in point: color. I had this notion that I wanted to paint in blue and green. So, I whip out the blues and greens in my small collection of oil paint tubes, squirt out a few globs of paint onto the palette then grab my trusty palette knife and ……….. I really didn’t intend for it to look like a flower but thus far, that is what it appears to be. Hmmm. I guess we’ll see as time goes on whether it continues to look like that.

Progress………. finally

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The recent brain-storming became a catalyst for the progress of this commissioned project. And although there is more work to do on it, I’m tickled that it’s moving again. Check back, there’s more to come!

P.S. Photo still isn’t truly representing the piece.


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